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Welcome to the Saes Linguistic Services' site!

SaesLS is your right choice for language courses, didactics and for curriculum and test development.

At SaesLS you can sign up for the following language courses:

                                        English, all levels
                                        NT 2,
Dutch for non-native speakers and
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For lessons in didactics (e.g. TPR or teaching methodology), please send an e-mail through the link below.  
For workshops (e.g. TPR, TPRS or Cyrillic alphabet), please send an e-mail through the link below.


Drs. Peter Saes
Postgraduate Master Degree 'English Studies' University of Nottingham
Master Degree 'General Linguistics' Universiteit van Amsterdam
Teacher (English and NT2 -->Dutch as a second language)
Curriculum Developer

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