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NT2 or Dutch as a second language (for non-natives) knows 2 levels:

Level 1 is the lowest level and can be seen as the lowest naturalization demand for immigrants.

Level 2 is the highest level and is a prerequisite,  if you for instance want to study at a Dutch University (BA, MA) or a Dutch University of professional education (BA) (the former colleges). Of course these organizations can also demand additional requirements, for instance a certain degree of English fluency (mostly based on TOEFL-scores).

Both levels of NT2 consist of 4 independant modules, namely:

bulletSpeaking and

All 4 modules can be rounded off with a state examination. If you pass, you will be issued an official diploma or certificate. In general you can say that the courses and exams are tough and that you will have to put  a lot of effort your study if you want to have a chance to succeed.

People who want to prepare for the Dutch embassy test, which can only be taken in the country of origin.

It is also possible to do these courses on the basis of the method of Total Physical Response (TPR(S)). For this you can attend the courses at the Apeldoorns Talen Centrum (info@apeldoornstalencentrum.nl) or here (SaesLS@live.nl). Both locations are in Apeldoorn.

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