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These courses are available or in the process of curriculum development:

General English courses:
English beginners level
English level A1/A2 (CEFR -> Common European Framework of Reference)
English level B1/B2
English level C1 (C2 is native speaker)
Thematic conversation in English
Quick Double Dutch
English with the
TPR method (Total Physical Response) and TPRS (Teach Proficiency with Reading and Storytelling)
Writing (internet course)*
Remedial Pronunciation Course (British English for Dutch learners of English)
Academic English

Business English:
Quick work courses (several levels)
Business English on the Telephone
Receiving guests in English
e-mail English
Brush up your English                                                                        
English business correspondence (custom-made by mutual arrangement)
Vocational English (custom-made by mutual arrangement)

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* Courses in italics are "in the process of curriculum development"

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