Curriculum Development


Curriculum developments (by mutual agreement ranging from limited adjustments to costum-made), for example:

development of textbooks, workbooks, courses etc.
making vocational adaptions to general educational tools
producing innovative educational tools, e.g. introducing blended learning
educational websites, etc.


Examples* of recent achievements in curriculum development (whether or not in co-operation with others):

Taal op Niveau Engels, modules A1 and A2 of 'conversation', speaking and listening. Publisher Edu 'Actief (will be published in 2011-2012)
Engels met PiT, methode voor VMBO Zorg en Welzijn ISBN 978 90 6053 530 9, including cd-rom
Engels voor BIO (Beveiliger in Opleiding), English cases for security officers, on site
Websites and
Englisch für Sicherheitskräfte, Lern- und Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD-ROM, ISBN 3-922746-90-X, Uitg. SecuMedia
Engels MBO medewerker Vrede en Veiligheid ISBN 90 6053 328 3, Publisher Edu 'Actief Meppel, incl. cd-rom
Engels MBO assistent Beveiliging ISBN, Publ. Edu 'Actief, incl. cd-rom
Engels MBO assistent Vrede en Veiligheid ISBN 90 6053 214 7, Publ. Edu 'Actief, incl. cd-rom
Cd-rom "De Compound" MBO Vrede en Veiligheid for ECABO
Project Digitalisering Handboek voor de Militair, Dutch Ministery of Defence
Website for students MBO Vrede en Veiligheid and OJKL (Orientation Year Royal NL Army)
Website for teachers (schools) MBO Vrede en Veiligheid and initial training instructors (Ministery of Defence)

* Original Dutch and German titles of texbooks, etc. are not translated here. Questions? Send an e-mail.


Curriculum development = Joining forces

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